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BtheKing was born in Louisiana, raised in Miami, FL. has lived in Houston, TX, & then moved to Fresno, Ca at 18, then Las Vegas in 2007. He feels that he is such a versatile artist due to him living in so many different states.

He has always had a love for music, but in 2012 he realized that he really wanted to start taking it seriously. Since then he has written and recorded song after song perfecting his craft.

He has 3 mix tapes that he has single-handedly passed out and mailed to different states, as well as blasting them on YouTube, SoundCloud, and nearly all social media sites. He released his first EP/album in March 2019 called "Empty Pens" & also just dropped another mixtape. He has now teamed up with a local company called Wombo! And has a lot more music dropping.

His favorite rapper is none other than Brad (Scarface) Jordan. But he is also influenced by Slick Rick, Pimp C., T.I., Nate Dogg & Mac Dre.

When BtheKing isn't working or doing music, he likes to mentor the youth as well as people who suffer from drug/alc addiction. Sept. of 2019 makes 5 years completely sober for him. He is also planning on opening up his own non-profit organization called The "Been There Done That" Program to help the community as well.

** You can search his music on all music platforms @BtheKing **

BtheKing is the Brand Ambassador for Wombo!

He teamed up with the "Vegas Valley Hawks" basketball team to become one of their sponsors and made them their own theme song & video.

BtheKing also has a clothing line called "K!NG $H!T"

And make sure you check out the latest EP called CHECKMATE.

So make sure you stay tuned because this guy is aiming to shock Las Vegas... He is not playing or wasting any time.

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