Featured artist "D Summers"

They say to date is to do! Every so often an enigma rises to

challenge the status quo of the music industry. D Summers is a

fearless recording artist, vocalist, and trendsetter who cuts across

eras with his scintillating vocals and immaculate wordplay that

resonate with people from all walks of life. His ability to switch

up his flow, cadence and melodic intervals lead to never-ending

thrills as well as honest and authentic lyricism. Born in Toledo

Ohio and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and Indianapolis, Indiana,

D Summers is an emerging artist who is bringing a new formula

to the game. His music consists of party bangers as well as

emotional beats that will inspire many to leave their comfort

zone and take risks to achieve their goals. He cites icons such as

Chris Brown, The Weeknd, NWA, Kool John, Lil Wayne and

Speaker Knockerz was a pivotal influence on his music. D

Summers' charismatic personality combined with his undeniable

skill to deliver unique music in an accessible style has endeared

him to audiences across multiple demographics and cultures

having garnered over a quarter million streams in total across all

digital platforms.

D Summers has also caught the attention of publications and

industry peers with placement in international magazines such as

Indie Global Magazine. He also received

8 nominations at the 2021 Central Valley Music Awards as well

4 nominations at the 2022 CVMA’s. D Summers has also shown

his electrifying stage presence alongside major artists as well as

opening up for Mike Sherm, Sada Baby, and EBK Young Joc.

He has multiple projects in his catalog with his most notable

hits "Thicc Bitch", "Forever" and "Cypher" captivating and

enthralling listeners across the globe. His ability to constantly

surprise people by going in different directions allows D

Summers, to take listeners on a journey where they can be

immersed in the music and live in the moment. His latest

release "Karate Kid" is a body of work that showcases D

Summer's cold and witty bars as well as his versatility. His

music is layered with mesmerizing punchlines and witty takes

on relatable issues that exhibit D Summers's immovable

passion to create meaningful and timeless music. D Summers is

here to shape a generation and change lives one song at a time!

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