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Updated: Nov 9


Aj Staxx nee Anthony Jean-Paul is an American rap artist from the West side of Chicago but now residing in San Antonio Tx. His upbringing was typical of the story of most young black males from the inner city, however, with a supporting cast of family members around, he was able to navigate with few setbacks. Traveling back and forth from the Chi, to San Antonio, there was the obvious culture shock of coming from an urban environment, into one with many different cultures. From here is where he began cultivating his love for skateboarding not knowing many people at first all he had was his board and from that love he grew into a rising amateur career complete with sponsorships from professional skate companies, however music was always a part of that and as he avidly listened he was ultimately drawn to the music more than the skateboarding.

At the age of 15, he decided to start battle rapping in Chicago and was a natural at it! While skateboarding was his first love the rap bug had begun to take over and from battle, after battle, he was gaining the necessary confidence to actually start dreaming of doing this as more than a battle rapper so he began to write actual songs. Of course, nothing is without obstacles so just as he was gaining traction in Chicago and finding his sound, guess what? San Antonio here we come! So at 17, with skateboarding more of a hobby now after moving back to San Antonio yet again he was here to stay and although the board was now collecting dust and his battle rap career was all but done he was still writing songs as a pastime as he immersed himself into his school work graduating in 2007 and then heading to college in New Mexico but still writing all the while. Coming back to San Antonio in 2011 he started rapping again but it wasn't until 2016 that he would decide to take it seriously and it's been up ever since.

Fast forward to 2019 when he met his soon-to-be manager Lee Munni of MunniManagement LLC. and realized that he saw the same vision as well which then would begin a whirlwind of epic proportions unbeknownst to them both! Now as focused as ever and having created the brand BOA which stands for Bars Over All he was primed to go and with that and some business lessons they began plotting the path to artistic greatness! Having found his signature lyrical prowess and gritty yet smooth sound and having honed his craft for years and now with the help of a like-minded individual, it was time to go all in! Starting with local shows Aj Staxx has now graced stages all over Texas to New York, Atl, New Orleans, and Miami performing in front of thousands of people while building his fanbase of BOAliens and releasing banger after banger!! His debut full-length album " Arm Out The Window" has received rave reviews and has been streamed over 200k times since its release earlier this year. He just recorded a song with multi-platinum artist Gorilla Zoe releasing soon as well as movie soundtracks, merchandise, a jewelry line, and more heat from the booth!!! Tap in and look him up its Aj Staxx on all platforms and you will see why if you haven't been

listening you would want to. Follow on all social media platforms @AjStaxx

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